3rd Kalamata Dance Cup


Age Division:

  • Mini Kids: 2013 until today 
  • Juveniles 1: 2011 - 2012
  • Juveniles 2: 2009 - 2010
  • Juniors 1: 2007 - 2008
  • Juniors 2: 2005 - 2006
  • Youth : 2002 - 2004
  • Adults : 2001 and older

Regulations – Terms and Conditions:

  1. In ‘Kalamata Dance Cup’ can participate all those who belong to a category of those mentioned in the “category table” of the Competition.
  2. The participants may be members of academies, public and private schools, dance clubs, gyms as well as independent entries that do not represent any association or federation of any country.
  3. The dancers should belong and support exactly what they declare in their registration (level, age, time limit, number of dancers).
  4. There is the possibility of participating the same dancers in the same category if the show – presentation differs in music, dancing and dressing.
  5. Competitors participating in the 5Dance categories are forbidden to participate in 1Dance.
  6. Contestants of an age category can participate in the next larger category, but not less.
  7. The leaders of the groups are responsible for the proper preparation of the dancers and the music of their participation.
  8. Dancers should be at the Sportshall at least 30 minutes before their category in case of changes to the program, due to annulments etc.
  9. Participants are responsible for their personal health and belongings. The organization does not bear responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage of objects.
  10. Along with the application form each dancer waives its copyright in photographs, video recordings etc. that the organization might make.
  11. Adult groups should consist of at least 3 people and only one of them may be a teacher.
  12. Only 2 participants exceeding the age limit by one year is allowed per team. There is no limitation for younger ones.
  13. In all group categories the music must be up to 03:00 minutes long.
  14. In all solo/duo/couple categories, songs and choreographies must last up to 1:30 minutes strictly. Exception: Aerial acrobatics solo up to 4:00 min.
  15. In children teams the participation of adults is forbidden.
  16. The songs for SOLO Latin, Hip-hop, Commercial Break Dance, Carribean, Oriental, Modern-Contemporary ,Ballet) are provided by the Organizing Committee and will be announced on September 2019. ( You can hear them by going into ‘Music” table of the official site). All others are with your own music: Acro Dance (Rhrythmic Gymnastics), Musical, Argentine Tango, Bollywood Dance,  Aerial Acrobatics etc.
  17. MUSIC for groups/duo and SHOWDANCE to be yours on a flash stick!
  18. Participants in the categories SOLO SHOWDANCE All styles will compete on their own with music duration of up to 1:30 minutes. In Couples/Duo SHOWDANCE categories All styles, participants will compete one by one with their music from the first round with music duration of up to 2:00 minutes, while GROUP SHOWDANCE has a music duration up to 3:00 minutes.
  19. Dance costumes are allowed in all categories, as long as they are modest.
  20. Oriental categories are allowed in suitcases and accessories.
  21.  Categories with Latin dance shoes, please ladies are requested to wear the special heel protector to protect the parquet floor.
  22. In the BALLET category, dancers are invited to dance any song free without restriction, or to perform a Variation from the classical ballet repertoire if they want it. There will be a separate category of Ballet with pointes shoes. Only use water under ballet shoes and nothing else.
  23. It is forbidden to use any object that can be dangerous for any participant, crowd or place of the Event.
  24. Training – warm-up – rehearsals will be permitted just behind the main  parquet hall of competition, in the special training parquet area, all day long.
  25. The organizers of the Competition does not interfere with the decisions of the Judges and has no responsibility for the final results.
  26. Participants of athletes – dancers – coaches are not allowed to enter the table of the Organizing Committee and the Judges.